The Joys of a Garden


The quick answer:  Consider all the ways a vegetable garden will benefit your health.


My Father’s Garden

I think “My Father’s Garden” was one of WOWL’s best posts.  Our Father, now passed, was a devoted gardener.  But gardening was about more than food.  His response, when I asked why he gardened, was brief:  “Why do you breathe?”  Gardening, for him, was about life.

Visiting grandchildren found his garden a magical place.  At night the various vegetables would leave their beds to form a marching band and tromp around the backyard playing classics like Seventy-Six Cornstalks.  But perhaps I simply imagined it all.

Garden Benefits

We’re headed to little Midway, Utah, for a stay at a historic home we care for.  It’s spring and plants are exploding with life after the long winter.  We love our visits here, even the weeding.  In this little town, almost everyone gardens. 

There’s so little crime in Midway that people leave cars unlocked with keys in plain sight.  But in the summer, in the church parking lot, they keep their cars locked.  It’s the only way to keep someone from slipping the extra zucchini into your car.

Skip’s Garden

I haven’t had a proper vegetable garden in past years, just a tomato plant or two.  But this year I felt the urge and made a place for a garden, tucked in a sunny spot shown in the picture above.  It’s not large, maybe 15 square feet.  But I have tomato plants, two kinds of squash and green peppers, cantaloupe, carrots, herbs, and string beans.  I love working in my little garden and look forward to the harvest time. 

The benefits of a garden include pleasant exercise, tranquility and relief of stress, vitamin D from the sunshine, the satisfaction of seeing the plants grow under your care, and a felling of closeness to Nature.  Plus you get really healthy food to eat.

All this leads to this week’s Healthy Change:

Comment:  Please comment on your gardening experience.  Whether you do it for truly local and organic food, to save money, or just for the joy of gardening, a garden is one of the best uses of your time.

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Reader Comments (7)

I started gardening the summer before my senior year of college. I am now coming up on my fourth gardening season. I like having the access to fresh produce and the satisfaction of having a small hand in the miracle of Creation. I have found that gardening is a good exercise in faith: to plant a seed and tend it to the best of my ability, then trust the rest to God, stretches my soul every time. I also find weeding to be very therapeutic ;)

May 5, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterAmanda

I planted a garden when we lived in North Carolina and when we lived in Arizona. I loved my gardens and got a lot of satisfaction out of being able to grow some of our own food. Now that we have moved to North Dakota, I'm a little intimidated by the short growing season due to the extreme cold and haven't planted a garden here yet.

May 12, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterLindsey

We have a small garden in our backyard, which is really just vegetables and herbs mixed with flowers in the flower beds. We also grow cherries, plumcots, peaches, raspberries, blackberries and grapes in our small backyard. I've had more luck growing fruit than vegetables and I feel like these fruit trees/bushes are a kind of food storage too. It's so fun to get fresh fruit throughout the summer and my kids love picking it and eating it. Most of our produce in the summer comes from a nearby farm, but I love giving my kids the experience of growing our own, even if it's just a little here and there.

Loved your post about fat. I find that's the most misunderstood nutrition concept around. A few years ago, I learned about this, got rid of vegetable oil and probably tripled my good fat intake (butter, coconut oil, lard, etc) while decreasing my sugar intake (it's so much easier to reduce sugar when you increase fat!) and I didn't gain any weight but feel much better!

May 13, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterLindsey

I'm very impressed!!! It's beautiful.
Your sister, Sandra

May 15, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterSandra

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July 2, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterRichard Brown

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